Corruption in Kuwait ?

Corruption in Kuwait is almost unheard of officially, everything on paper seems clean as a whistle. Just look at the facts ! According to Business Anti-Corruption Portal Kuwait no one has been convicted of bribery since the end of the Gulf war, 28 Years running.

So why is it that Kuwait is the 75th most corrupt country according to CPI (Corruption Perceptions Index)

Unfortunately Kuwait is not as clean as it seems. This article is only an attempt to put the spotlight on corruption in hope of having a positive impact on Kuwait and not tarnishing Kuwait’s image.

Fahad AlRajaan and his Daughter Fajer AlRajaan, Fahad has allegedly stolen over $390 Million USD and fled to London. Try leaving Kuwait with a 10KWD unpaid phone bill. He must have gotten really lucky (:

While reading the Kuwait Corruption Report by Business Anti-Corruption Portal. I felt a sense of despair and disappointment, is this the best we can do? Will it get better or worse?

The country has been blessed with wealth and more, corruption is the source of evil in a society we hope that in the years to come that Kuwait will become less corrupt by appointing the right people worthy of running the government. Stricter laws which will be applied and sincere supervision to deter corruption, rewarding & protecting people who report corruption should be implemented.

Here are a few quotes from the report:

Judicial System

“Bribes and irregular payments are sometimes exchanged in return for favorable court decisions (GCR 2015-2016). “
Let’s put that in perspective, lets say you are are a suspect in a murder case and one of the people involved simply doesn’t like you. He will bribe or make an “irregular payment” and viola! you are now a murderer, this is of course in theory, but where do these bribe receiving judges draw the line?


” The police represent moderate risks for business. Corruption and practices of favoritism among Kuwaiti police officials are common. Corruption is most likely to occur when a party involved in a dispute has personal connections to the police officer assigned to the case (HRR 2015). Police officers also at times refrain from investigating criminal acts after receiving bribes from an involved party (HRR 2015). “

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