Fahad Al-Rajaan Paying His Freedom With Your Money ?

Fahad Al-Rajaan is guilty of stealing $390 million in public funds and has been arrested in London. Furthermore, Al-Rajaan was sentenced to a 10-year prison term in absentia and an international arrest warrant was issued.

During his court appearance in London Fahad Al-Rajaan where he faced allegations of fraud and theft. Britain has agreed to extradite Fahad Al-Rajaan to Kuwait, yet no progress has been made.

According to Al-Assousi a Swiss judge had ordered $100 million to be frozen in 2014 out of $390 million.

The question still stands why isn’t he facing justice in Kuwait still?
A British judge ruled ” There is no legal barrier to prevent his extradition to Kuwait to appear before the Kuwaiti judiciary. ” on the 6th of Nov 2017.

The British government confirmed the request for extradition of Al-Rajaan “corresponds to legal and human rights and the judge in his ruling did not mention any health or physical grounds to prevent his extradition “

These talks of extradition and planned dates for Fahad Al-Rajaan to be extradited to Kuwait in May 2017. Yet, here we are in January 2019 and Fahad Al-Rajaan is still in London.
British law gives the defendant a right to file for ‘grievance’ which is subjected to approval by the British Home Secretary.

Grievance has neither been accepted or rejected, looks like the UK are still weighing options if his juicy $390 million is worth slight tension with Kuwait. My guess is he won’t be extradited due to the symptoms in the media and general politics in Kuwait. The government doesn’t seem motivated or willing to pressure the UK or even send a reminder.

I would not be surprised if the UK denies extradition and Fahad AlRajaan will have to seize the money Kuwaitis pay every month to the Public Institution for Social Security. Sorry, I mean “his” funds now. The headline along the lines of:

Fahad AlRajaan Forfeits $300 Million to the UK government! But That’s Okay ! He Still Has $90 Million left and a few million with Fajer Al Rajaan and his Wife!

What do you think will happen? Will Fahad Al-Rajaan aka Steal “Everyone’s Pension Man” get extradited to Kuwait if yes, when? or do you think he will cut a deal with the UK to share the people’s bounty ?

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