Kuwaiti Influencers and Fashionistas Money Laundering ?

Dana AlTuwarish & Meshari Buyabis give their views

Kuwaiti Social Media influencers (Fashionistas) have been banking on their social media success from falafels & shawarmas to earning 5000KD per post and possibly more.

Meshari Buyabis explains that the whole situation started when banks started noticing that some fashionistas and influencers have a suspiciously high amount of transfers and deposits in their account resulting in banks reporting to the Anti-Money Laundering Authorities.
Which resulted in investigating these Kuwaiti social media influencers where they should attempt to prove the source of these funds.

Meshari also admits that there are some influencers involved in money laundering, he also mentions of a influencer earning 4 Million Kuwaiti dinars($ 13’202’000USD) from ads. Taking videos and eating burgers infront of a camera for 13 million dollars + a year does not sound too bad does it. These numbers will make anyone reconsider their life choices.
Meshari Buyabis Video Rant

Dana AlTuwarish spoke about the subject and even gave an examples of top influencers earning KWD 4’500 per day by going to a coffee shop or whatever. By her calculations they earn about KWD 135’000 per month approximately. She rants about western influencers making “millions” and this is nothing for the western influencers compared to what they make.

In conclusion these allegations are in the grey, surely not all influencers are laundering money. However the possibility of some are involved in laundering money is not far-fetched. Explains some of the car purchases of some mediocre social media fashionistas to owning yachts, houses and among other things…

What are your thoughts? Does it sound like these influencers are laundering money or are these numbers reasonable?
If you have some additional information or facts we would love to hear it in the comments !

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